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Engineered for the world’s Harshest Climates…


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Hot tub design and quality is important. Ongoing electrical and repair costs can be high if you choose an inferior product. Arctic Spas brand hot tubs are specifically designed for the extreme climates of Northern Canada, which means they last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain.  How do we do this and what does it mean to you?


Designed to endure the harshest of climates


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Spas to choose from

Fiberglass Shell

Our shells are made from no fill fiberglass same as the most luxurious yachts and this allows heat absorption from any working components within the insulated cabinet.  Not only does this save you money but allows all round access.

No Maintenance Cabinets

We build your spa like your house.  We insulate the walls either behind the Clear Furniture grade Cedar Cabinets or our No Maintenance Cabinets.  Not only does this trap heat in but it allows full access to the spa whether for workability or upgradeability. Buy an Arctic buy it once

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Built in floor

A built in floor makes sense. The floor is stamp pressed fiberglass and insulated exactly the same as the walls which locks heat in and prevents moisture and dampness creeping up into the spa.  This also prevents those rodents looking for a nice hot place to vacation.

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Online Connectivity

Technology is important to Arctic Spas that’s why we created the world’s first internet connected hot tub.  Not only does this allow access from anywhere in the world we now also have changed the game with regards to water maintenance.  Spa Boy can be your very own personal assistant in water chemistry.

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LED Lighting

Energy Efficient

Insulation in the right place saves you money, every day!

The investment in constructing a self-supporting shell allows Arctic Spas to insulate differently than everyone else. For our hot tub design inspiration, we didn’t have to look far though – our homes in northern Canada provided us all we needed. We insulate the exterior walls, the floors and most importantly the attics of our homes and we tuck everything important to us within this insulated envelope. Ambient heat from the pump penetrates the spa shell and heats the water. In winter this heat returns to the pump area in the event of a power loss.

Lowest Running Costs

What does this mean for the spa owner though? Residual heat from our equipment, primarily our High Flow Energy Efficient motors, is allowed to penetrate through the fiberglass shell. This maintains spa water temperature and eliminates many of the heater cycles that other designs, particularly foam-filled insulated designs have to run. Fewer heater cycles mean a lower power bill each and every month.

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