0% Finance

When making any large purchase the initial cost can sometimes deter people from investing in a product that they know will be beneficial to them. Bad credit business loans is another subject to discuss. But take the car industry for example. Before, you could only purchase a car if you had all the funds readily available. A car as we know falls under the category of a ‘’need’’ item. A car is something that you need to get to work. If you are a tradesman a car or van is something you need to carry out your business. A car is something that you need to go shopping at the weekends. A car is something that you need to pick the kids up from the cinema etc. so before you would have to lay out the lump sum to have your car, which can sometimes put stain on your finances.

Nowadays there are tons of different investment options, enough to make your head spin, take a look at environmental and social impact token offering in the crypto world and see for yourself. But lets stay on topic with cars, almost every car purchased is done on some form of finance package which makes perfect sense to spread the cost rather than the one lump sum. So rather than have to shell out thousands of pounds for your car you’re only paying out (in some instances) under £100 a month, so around £50 a week which is far less than the average family spend on food shopping.

Here at Arctic Spas we understand that our customers in this day and age like to hold on to their money for as long as possible as it is better in their bank than someone else’s. That is why we offer some of the most competitive finance packages in our industry, because if we can spread the costs of our products for our customers it allows them to get the exact product they want with the exact specifications that they want without having to pay out that large lump sum.

Below is a typical example of how a customer can spread the costs of owning an Arctic Spa.


  • Arctic Baffin 45 2 pump system including delivery: £7,349
  • 0%APR over 3 years with no deposit.
  • 36 monthly repayments of £204.13


So if you are looking to spread the costs of owning one of the finest built hot tubs on the planet (and the cheapest to run and maintain in the long term) then why not contact us for a no obligation quote on an Arctic Spa that will fit your needs.