Arctic Spa Covers

At Arctic Spas we stand by our covers and sometimes on them too with them being the best and strongest covers on the market.  Improvements are constantly being made to our designs which improve the performance and longevity of our covers. The Internal foam is now wrapped in Mylovac which is resistant to chemical damage and heat, similar material which keeps your coffee fresh.   The heat and chemicals are what ultimately eats away at the plastic covering on other covers out there in the market.

Our covers are also cast core meaning the foam inserts are not cut and opened up to fit the cover skin but molded to the cover skin shape therefore not opening the ‘pores’ to moisture and making them a lot more resistant to ingress of water. We also insert a metal “C” channel into the foam centres. This creates a cover capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight.

Wet and heavy covers result in constantly increasing running costs as well as regular cover replacement. Longer wind flaps, locking straps, carry handles, and an insulating baffle along the entire seam, finish off the best cover in the industry. This cover will save you thousands over the life of owning your spa.