Wet Tunes Stereo System

Sound system option

Whether its for music or an audio book, enjoy it from your Arctic Spa

All of your music, audio books or soothing Whale sounds (yes, people like this) can now stream from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone, MP3 player etc.. And as its Bluetooth, your device can operate safely from the comfort of your home, whilst being connected to your Arctic Spa.

Our Wet Tunes stereos system comprises of two air-rise Poly Planar™ speakers, a thumping subwoofer and pre-set Bluetooth amplifier. The Poly Planar™ speakers deliver a fantastic, crystal clear sound while providing great durability in adverse conditions. Mated to these speakers is our subwoofer, which provides a deep, melodic base sound that is amplified not just electronically, but acoustically as well due to our FreeHeat® cabinet design.