When purchased with your Arctic Spa!

*offer ends 31st December 2018.

Spaboy is an automated salt water purification system that makes life simple. This incredible technology uses a medical-grade sensor that constantly analyses your water cleanliness. From the data gathered, the Spa Boy system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, ensuring that sanitiser levels are kept within the optimum range. Spa Boy simply, accurately and effortlessly maintains perfect clear and safe spa water for you and your family. Should your chemicals come slightly off balance, SpaBoy will alert you via the Arctic Spa app or your personal account!

Are you going on holiday for the week and worried about your Hot Tub? My Arctic Spa provides total control of your hot tub, remotely. Change the lights, activate the jets, check the temperature from anywhere in the world.

If that wasn’t enough, Arctic Spas are now the only spas in the world that allow customers to input their electrical KW per hour cost, and have their Spaboy system tell them in real time exactly how much their hot tub is costing them to run. No other manufacturer offers this facility, and it blows away all the guess work of that all-important question “How much will my spa cost to run?”.

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