Health & Social Benefits

One of the main reasons customers purchase an Arctic is for their health. The heat of the water and the pressure of the powerful rotational jets after a long stressful day is completely rejuvenating. Stress results in muscle tension, headaches and fatigue so soaking in hot water relieves all of that and lets you sleep easy at night. Hot bubbly water also lowers your blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure could avoid future heart problems, reduce the risk of a stroke and also improve your vision.

Another reason customers purchase an Arctic is because it’s fun! Socialising plays a huge part in everyday life, especially with family. After your kids have finished their homework, having a hot tub will encourage them to jump in with you rather than play games consoles or browse on social media. Hot tubs are also great for BBQ’s, parties, gatherings or just to relax of an evening with your partner. Most people are too busy with work, school runs, homework etc. and forget to enjoy time with friends and family. Having a hot tub in your garden ready for use can make family & friends time that extra bit special.