Why do I need a Forever Floor?

Would you buy a car without wheels?

At Arctic Spas  our engineers decided to raise the bar yet again by developing the Forever Floor ®. This pressure-stamped fiberglass composite floor is impervious to moisture, pests, and time. It completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or blocks! Just set it on level ground, hook it up, fill and use…installation has never been easier.

And because your Arctic Spa comes with its own base, it’s is completely portable. The Forever floor allows customers to simply find a level area of ground and lay their Arctic straight down on top of it. Not only that, but should you choose to move the spa to another area pf the garden (or you move house and take your spa with you) the base is already there, attached to the spa.

No one would buy a car without wheels, so why buy a hot tub without a base. It just makes sense ?

Check out our video all about the Forever Floor here


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