Peak 1 & 2 Benefits

Ozone water purification is widely used throughout the spa industry to help customers cut down on chemical use, extend their filters lifespan and maintain fresher water.
And here at Arctic spas we developed our Peak ozone 1 & 2 systems to help do just that.
We use Failsafe™ corona generators (image 1) which create a high concentration of ozone that we can then apply to the spa water through our mixing chambers. For any ozone system to be effective it has to have a sufficient contact time with the contaminated water in order to have any effect.
By injecting the ozone concentrated water into our vertical mixing chambers (image 2) we gain around 7 seconds of contact time, which allows the O³ particles to do their work and destroy bacteria and by-products from your chemical sanitizer.
All of this means less water maintenance for you, less chemical use and that means saving money.
So if you’re considering a hot tub then having the addition of an ozone system will make your water care regime that bit easier, and save you money at the same time 😊