Spa Boy

The word “Revolution” comes from the Latin revolutio meaning “a turnaround”, and with our latest innovation Spaboy, we have certainly turned around how customers manage their water care forever.

Spaboy is an automated salt water purification system, but it is also the only system in the world that allows customers to not only check and control the functions of their spa, but also test the PH, Alkalinity and ORP readings.

If that wasn’t enough, Arctic Spas are now the only spas in the world that allow customers to input their electrical KW per hour cost, and have their Spaboy system tell them in real time exactly how much their hot tub is costing them to run. No other manufacturer offers this facility, and it blows away all the guess work of that all important question “How much will my spa cost to run?”.

Become part of the revolution, and take advantage of our phenomenal Spaboy offer. Order any Arctic Spa model, and you will receive the Spaboy automated water care system completely free of charge!
Spaboy, the future of hot tub water care.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Ends June 30th